About Us

Pioneer sets the Standards for Quality Ultrasound Services.

Pioneer is the largest independent provider of fixed and flexible Imaging services. We provide diagnostic testing for a growing number of healthcare providers. Pioneer offers a complete panel of testing, including OB/GYN, general, vascular, and cardiac ultrasounds along with other Imaging needs.

Since our beginning in 2006, Pioneer has become the leading provider of community, and office-based diagnostic Imaging Center in California. We offer the best in emerging technology, in both Imaging and communications. While managing our own free-standing locations, we are engaged in partnerships with sole practitioners, small and large office-based office groups, and hospital-based physicians, offering a full montage of Service.


Our scheduling department is available from the hours of 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.

They can be reached toll free at

Nancy M.
This company is awesome.  They operate out of a physician's office so there is no registration necessary.  The wait time is practically zero.  You are in an out within 45 minutes, and the technician is excellent.  Report comes quickly to the doctor.  I highly recommend Pioneer Diagnostics.
Randy S.
I needed emergency venous and arterial imaging with published test results immediately due to scheduled surgery on Monday, December 28th. Sameena, the CEO, arranged for her technician to come in on Saturday, December 26, the day after Christmas, and perform the service. Sameena understood and seemed genuinely concerned about the immediacy of my needs and went well beyond that which one would normally expect. The technician was great and the procedure went well. They pre-heated the room for me to ensure I was completely comfortable and even the gel was pre-heated. I'll certainly use this facility if the need arises.
Henriett B.
I usually don't do ultrasound, but this time my Dr. ordered ultrasound to check further on the problem I'm having, once I got home I checked few ultrasound places in-network to see time frame and cost. Pioneer was the Fastest one to take me and the best price they offered and they helped me with some understand insurance issue. Anyway once I got there I was treated with smile, they listened to my issues. Sameena offered to help me with any questions and concerns I have My ultrasound visit was typical, however the technician was smiling and trying to keep me comfortable always asking if I'm ok:)